Common Choices in Wheelchairs

There are many different types of wheelchairs, including manual and automatic and it can get a little overwhelming to have to make a choice considering the unique needs each individual has.

Ergonomic Wheelchairs

One of the important things about this wheelchair is that it has to be comfortable and not put any strain on the body. Individuals are taking a close look at ergonomic wheelchairs to serve this purpose. With the proper ergonomic wheelchair it means that there is less pressure being put on the body in its totality and it focuses on giving the proper support for the lower back and the buttocks.

Light Wheelchairsdownload-21

Individuals that are quite tiny in their body size prefer to have the lighter wheelchairs as they are easier to maneuver and they are also better for transporting. These are great for individuals that want to take their wheelchair with them in their car as they often will close up quite compactly and are easy to lift.

Transport Wheelchairs

One of the things that is quickly noticed with the transport wheelchairs is that they have smaller wheels in the back which allows them to be more portable. The disadvantage with the transport wheelchair is that they are not as easy to use by the user as the wheels are not there for the manual propelling. This means that they can only be transported around in this type of chair by a individual that is available to push them.

Reclining Wheelchairs

The reclining wheelchairs allow for more changes in the posture because it can be tilted back at different levels and allows the leg rests to be elevated.

Tilt Wheelchairs

Tilt wheelchairs allow the user to be able to adjust the seat of the wheelchair to tilt back which helps to change the position and this really helps to prevent pressure sores.

These are just a few of several different types of wheelchairs and all come with unique features.