The LiftChair as a Mobility Aid

Among the many different types of mobility aids that are available individuals may utilize more than one. Those that want additional conveniences in their mobility they may choose to add the lift chair. While the mobility aids are commonly thought of for allowing individuals to get from one place to another, the lift chair has to be put in this category because many individuals have difficulties getting up from a sitting position to standing or vice versa. A lift chair makes this much simpler for them and reduces the risk of fall and injury when doing so.wheelchair-1595802_960_720

When shopping for this type of mobility aid one is soon going to find that there are many different options available to them. Some come with two positions while others come with three positions and then there are even zero gravity chairs.

The best way to make a good choice is to actually have the individual that is going to use it try it out to see how comfortable they feel. It takes a little bit of getting used to so it’s always a good idea to have a somebody there to assist them until they feel comfortable.

Those that are looking at the two position chairs these usually have one motor which looks after everything which means that it controls the chair back as well as the rest that is there for the legs and feet. What will happen is as the user uses the back to decline the leg rest will automatically shift up into the required position.

Looking at the three position chair this just gives the extra added feature of being able to recline back into a flatter position for those that that want to take a nap in their chair, or like to change their position frequently.

There are other types of chairs that fall into this category that have more than two motors which allows the different features and functions of the chair to work independently.