Using Mobility Aids Around the Home

There are many different types of mobility aids on the market to help any individual that is not stable on their feet or those that can no longer walk. However, when using these it’s important that the home or business setting be adjusted to accommodate them.

The various types of equipment that fall into the mobility aids category are those that help with balance. Then there are those that support stability, and for those at that cannot walk at all there are transport aids. These all come in different sizes and some are easier to use within the home than

The first step that should be made is to remove all unnecessary heavy furniture from the home that can make it difficult for the individual using the mobility aid to function with it properly. Most of these aids are comprised of wheels and these can easily get blocked by the surrounding furniture.

Furniture can be pushed up against the walls of leaving at the center of the rooms bare which allows the individual using the aid to navigate safely. At first, when using these types of aids it can be most frustrating for the individual, and if there are hazards in their way then this just makes it more difficult for them. One of the issues that can often create a challenge with these aids is utilizing stairs, and whenever possible individuals that are having mobility problems should be able to function on the main level of their home. For those that can’t there is always the option of putting in stair mobility aids such as chairlifts.

Individuals that are trying out a new mobility device in their homes should practice while someone is there to ensure that they are comfortable with the device, and also to be able to identify what are some of the areas in the home that need adjustments.